5 Coolest Backpacks

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We all have a lot of emotional baggage. These cool backpacks won’t help. But maybe they will divert people attentions from your social shortcomings. If you are looking for a novel way to carry around all your geeky accouterments then look no further than the AWoM Weekly Round-up of the 5 Coolest Backpacks!


Coolest Video Game Backpack: Koopa Shell

Watch out for that green shell!

Turn yourself in to a Koopa Troopa with the Koopa Shell Backpack! You’ll be sure to get a lot of approving nods with this nostalgic bag–everyone loves Mario! Although it is made with exquisitely soft plush, it isn’t the most functional backpack you could get–it only has one pouch. But it is really neat, and if you don’t need the complexity of other bags it is an awesome conversation piece.


Best Movie Bag: Ghostbusters Backpack

Don't cross streams!

Here we have a book-bag rendition of the famed Ghostbuster’s Proton Pack. Just remember, crossing streams with your friends is frowned upon And yes, you really cam store spirits in it (think whiskey)!


Scariest Bag: Shark Backpack

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to school....

Duna Duna Duna! Look it even has pockets for gills! As you can see, this backpack is more suited for school than some of the previous entries, as it features mesh pocket liners and spots for various writing implements. Take a bite out of the boredom of school-daze for your little one.


Most Likely to Convince People you are a Medic: Left4Dead Backpack

A great place to store all those hypodermic needles of yours...

An awesome addition to any video game lover’s memorabilia, the Left4Dead Backpack emulates the game’s med-kits. Unfortunately, you might be mistaken for a Paramedic or something. And hey, no one said you can’t actually carry some…*ahem* drugs….in the…in the pack.


Most Geeky: R2D2 Backpack

The Force is strong in this one.

This could have also won “Cutest” Backpack. If you are a girl trying to land a geeky guy, then you might want to go purchase one of these little buggers. Guys: I imagine this will have the reverse affect if you were to wear it.


Carrying on…

And there you have it. 5 of the Coolest Backpacks for Geeks! Hope you guys enjoyed the list. Have a good day/night/Kwanzaa or whatever. It’s half past Beer-30. I’m out!





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