No better way to explain ourselves, and our site, than to open it up to a forum-based question and answer discussion. Alas, we’ve accumulated the comments and questions over the years:


Why does your site suck so much?
Thank you.
How do I prevent my friends from hearing about this site?
Do NOT post on social media about this page. We have social accounts only to track the life & times of Kanye West. The rest is run by robots living in The Netherlands.
Who are your personal and professional idols? 
Easy. Mark Moseley is both.
The items on this page suck. Can I suggest my own item to put up on the site?
Yup, we’re even open to establishing business partnerships. If you’d like to sell your products on this site, or simply have suggestions for awesome products that deserve to be purchased by the world economy, then please visit our Partner page. We will respond within a day or two, and promise to do so with candid ferocity, sprinkled with a small dose of surprising humor.
Why do you even waste your time on this?
Thanks for the question, it’s great to have fans. There aren’t many situations in life where one gets to work on something that literally has the word “Awesome” in it. We’ve spent thousands of dollars and even more hours building this site because of this one word: Awesome. We almost bought the ShittyWasteOfMoney domain in terms of building a Shitty Empire, but quite simply didn’t have the same passion.
I’d like to tell email you periodically to remind you how much you suck and how terrible your site is. Please advise.
No problem. We have a Contact page specifically for this.
Where’s the restroom?
Down the hall, turn left, you’re gonna meet an old man named Punch Wilcox, he’s gonna tell you to turn right after the window, but go left. Trust me, go left. Then lift the blanket up and crawl into the underground tunnel, walk 24 paces and whisper the words “Soon young whippersnapper, soon.” You should be able to find your way from there.


Thanks for listening, folks.