Donut Pool Floatie

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Donut Pool Floatie


When I first saw this donut shaped pool float, I thought it would be cute in the pool, and it would be something a little more girly, after all the frosting is pink. I purchased this for use in an above ground pool by a 12 year old girl and her 13 year old sister. The donut is made out of vinyl. The “bite” is actually built into the tube, so one side is not round, but rather has this bite out of it. Because of this, there are some balance issues with this tube, because it tends to want to lean in the direction of the bite, rather then staying straight while floating in the water. This became most apparent when a child was trying to lay on top of the tube, and would constantly fall backwards, in the direction that the bite was in. I would have preferred the bite to be left out of this donut in terms of the way it floats. While we are on the subject of the bite, the edges are very uneven on the side of the bite, you get that sort of “paper cut” like feel if you rub your skin up against those edges, I don’t think that’s very safe in terms of a children’s toy.


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