Inflatable Toast

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Inflatable Toast


Inflatable Toast, lunch wouldn’t be lunch without it.Honestly, I can’t see why a person would waste money on inflatable toast? Perhaps you have a weird blow up bread fetish of you’re just simply mad! I mean, of course I have always had that age old problem of lugging a whole loaf of bread with me everywhere I go in case I fancy some toast. The advantage of this product is its small enough to be carried around in your pocket and has the added bonus of already being toasted. I’m sure most people will agree how annoying it is when you are out and about and spend hours on end hunting around for a toaster! I have also noticed no crumbs which is very useful. Though the toast loses its integrity after the first bite and tastes a bit like the your chowing down a rubber balloon. Overall, it’s a great waistline watcher, I’m surprised Weight Watchers has endorsed this product already!


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