Pet Feet Sweepers

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Pet Feet Sweepers


Put your little furry friends to work, they live there so they should tae part in the chores too. They have 4 legs anyways, 4 times the help! They are always leaving there shedding fur everywhere! An awesome way to have some good clean fun! Though I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your cat (long story..ended in ripped curtains and someone got bit..and it wasn’t me!) Darn cat, anywho.
A little over priced, I’d say so, it doesn’t stay on the dog’s paws long enough to actually get a full days work of cleaning done, But I guess they tried.. We can dream, that one day are pets and animas will take responsibility for their messes… If all else fails, put it on the toddler and watch ‘em go crazy :p


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