Wooden Ballista Kit

Price: $22.25 From: Amazon

So I am assuming since you are here, that office war with that annoying asshole Tim has just gotten real. Now you can have the upper hand with this strategic trebuchet modeled after a classic Roman design. Simply place stiletto tips into the cannonball replicas and he will be on the floor clutching his jugular within minute (AWoM does not condone this variety of action).


Granted, it might be a bit of a bitch to put this thing together, but when you are done…well let us just say that ole Tim won’t be a nuisance anymore. As an added bonus, it is a great conversation piece. Just don’t get carried cocky and start thinking that you can coerce your boss into a promotion…trust me, you’d get taking out by a SWAT team quicker than you can say “I just shit my pantsuit.”


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